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 This 1.5 day out-of-the-box conference is where novice home brewers, commercial brewers, and hop growers converge at Black Hops Farm to benefit from actionable insight on all-things brew related. This is not a "come and hear it" event - our sessions are meant to have your hand hurting at the end from the countless best practices and strategies you'll acquire and want to test the minute you leave. The unique part of Beyond Brewing 2016 is that there are tracks specifically for the grower and the brewer side. We supply the best bars in Nashville with the best beers and freshests beers in Nashville.

Hop Grower? The Grower track will focus on the in's and out's to guide you to yielding the best harvest. If you are not yet a grower but interested, these sessions are invaluable. If you currently grow, you'll get a full run down in the do's and don'ts, projection of where the east coast hop boom is going, irrigation and pest management insight to build your risk prevention program, and much, much more.

Home or Commercial Brewer? This event is not anchored by a large exhibit hall with lots of "buy me for a better brew" products. Beyond Brewing is jam packed with speakers that have learned from tried and true experience. Our sessions cover everything you need to know about future trends, using wild and local yeast to perfect your brew, experimental branding, flavoring best practices and over 6 more sessions delivered from those in-the-know.

With extensive networking, Beyond Brewing brings together the industries sharpest minds. Nowhere else can you find a brewing event that delivers actionable insight like what you'll find here.

Plus, our venue is innovative! Come check out the United States only facility that grows, malts and processes its own brew ingredients. Check out Vanish, Pilot Malt House, and Organarchy Hops all within just steps of one another.

So please take a quick tour of our site and see what all amazing speakers and highlights we plan to share with you! We will see you all at the first annual Beyond Brewing!

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