Organarchy's New Face!

Hello and Welcome to Organarchy’s new Website!


Much has changed in the world of Organarchy over the last year, from new projects to new products we are excited to fill you in about all these great changes! So take a second and read about all that is new in our world and how you can get involved with Organarchy today!


First, in late 2014, we launched our newest addition to the Mid- Atlantic Hop Growers movement, Lucketts Mill & Hopworks. Located in Lucketts VA, in the heart of Loudon Counties notorious Wine region, this 10,000 sqft Hops Processing Facility is the first of its scale and size on the East Coast. The facility will have it all under one roof, Pickers, Dryers, Pelletizing Equipment, and a Packaging line. Organarchy now is working day and night to expand Hop acreage in Loudon and surrounding counties to fill the demand of this exciting new center.


Organarchy Management services had its humble beginnings at the Flying Dog Brewery just two short years ago and we owe much of our growth and resources to this great group of Craft Beer Enthusiasts. Now with almost 20 acres under management we are steadily recruiting growers, with 5 acres +, in the Loudon region to meet the demand for Local Hops we pride in creating. So if you are interested in the regions newest specialty crop, “Hop” on the phone today and reach out to Organarchy!


We've been beyond excited to release this site to you because it offers so many new products.  Our prices have been worked over by our staff to ensure that we, as an East Coast supplier, can offer you West Coast prices!! Take a browse through our ever expanding inventory, and if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. We will research and find a way to source it for you. As we all know in the ever changing world of Hop Production and Home Brewing, new products and gimmicks are as dime a dozen. Organarchy is committed to only providing products we use and stand behind fully. From a hobby growers to bulk orders for Commercial size farms, Organarchy has it all... right here at your fingertips.


So raise a glass to the local growers and providers that Organarchy fights for, and get on your way to do your part. Thank you for joining us here at Organarchy!

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