Q. When I order Rhizomes or a potted plant how do I transplant it to the ground.

A. With every live plant or Rhizome order Organarchy sends a two page planting instructional sheet that covers all planting and care instructions for your new plants.

Q. Is Hop Farming on the East Coast profitable?

A. With the right knowledge guidance and resources is most definitely is. Organarchy has taken the first step into making this goal more attainable for all by creating the Lucketts Mill & Hopworks processing facility to reduce the overall up front cost to you the grower!

Q. Do you ship plants out of the country?

A. No, over the years the time restraints on out of this country shipping have proved to not be a viable option.

Q. Do you do farm tours?

A. Yes, we can set up farm tours at a number of our locations. Please call office for details and times available.